How is my price determined?

Your price is determined by the cost of the  garment style you choose, quantity of garments ordered, how many print locations desired, design/separations needed, and screen/ink fees (if any).

What is your standard order turnaround?

Our standard turnaround time is 7-10 business days for new design orders. Design reorders have a standard turnaround of 5-7 business days. Icon reorders have a standard turnaround of 72 hours. Turnaround times do not include shipping.

Do you offer a Rush Service?

We do. Rush orders will be subject to a rush fee based upon turnaround time. Our rush fee is 10%  per day outside of our standard turnaround time. Rush jobs will be assessed on a case by  case basis dependent on Blacksheep’s current workload and the feasibility of the delivery date required. Example, If you would like your order 3 days earlier than our standard turn around a 30% charge of the gross amount will be added to the total order cost. Not all rush orders will be accepted.

If I place a reorder do I have to re-submit artwork?

We keep a copy of your design archived, so no reason for art resubmission. Reorders are quick and easy and receive an expedited standard turnaround.

What File format does my design need to be in?

We prefer files in AI, EPS, or PDF format. If those files are not available we recommend high resolution files 300 dpi or larger in the following formats: PSD, TIF, or JPG.

What is your order minimum?

Our order minimum is 36 pieces.

Can I order different color or style garments on my order?

If we are using the same screens and the garment is of a similar material blend you can mix the garments on an order. However, the order minimum must be met with one garment before changing styles. If your order requires an ink color change additional fees may apply.

Can I supply my own blanks?

No. We prefer printing on blanks that we source ourselves. Going against industry standards, Blacksheep does not mark up standard garment prices set by our vendors so let us do the leg work. No mark-up gauranteed.


Do you offer specialty inks such as metallic or glow?

We do offer speciality inks! An additional charge may apply if a specialty ink must be ordered.

Do you offer Waterbase or Discharge printing?

We do not offer Discharge or Waterbase printing at this time. We do however, strive to create the softest plastisol print in the business. If you’re concerned about hand feel let your account rep know, and we will make sure to take extra special care.

Can you print over seams?

We can print over seams, but do not recommend it. There may be differences in each print due to the nature of the seam printing.

Can you match a custom Pantone color?

Yes we can. Fees may apply depending on the tier your order qualifies for. Please see our Pricing page for more information. Please assign exact PMS Colors in your design if a perfect match is necessary. If PMS colors are not referenced we will match as closely as possible, but cannot guarantee perfect match due to color gamut and the nature of matching our color library to RGB or CMYK values.

How much does it cost to start my order?

After you have Approved your quote you will receive a mock up with order details. Standard orders require a 50% deposit with remaining balance paid in full before we will ship your order. If the cost of garments exceeds 50% of the total cost of your order a higher deposit may be required. *Special terms may apply to Icons.

What if I need exact quantities for my order?

Custom printing is an art form. We do our very best to deliver, at minimum, the order quantity for each and every size on your order. However, printing mistakes happen, screens break on press, shirts arrive with holes or stains from the manufacturer. For that reason, we have an under/over run allowance of 2%. This is simply an acceptable margin of error. For this reason we recommend ordering 1 extra garment per size if you require an exact quantity


How will my order be shipped?

We prefer UPS or Fedex, but your order can be sent by most major carriers. Shipping fees will be covered by the client before the order ships or can be billed to your own shipper account.

Can I pick up my order myself?

Definitely! We can schedule an appointment for order pickup at our facility if you are in the area.

Can you ship internationally?

Sure we can. Just let us know before building your quote so we can factor in International Shipping in your order.

Can I get a tracking number for my shipment?

Yes. We will attach tracking numbers to your Work Order in our software and have them emailed to you from the carrier. You will be notified when your order ships via email.