T-Shirt Printing

T-Shirt Printing

When it comes to T-Shirt Printing we offer several different types of screen printing. Screen Printing which is one of the oldest techniques used for printing apparel, is when a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a shirt. It is one of the most commonly used methods and is cost effect. During Screen Printing one color is printed at a time so several screens are used to produce multi-color designs on the t-shirt. At BlackSheep once we get a design from a client or we make a design for a client, we determine what type of screen printing will be needed.

Whether you need a simple logo printed on a shirt for your organization or a more sophisticated style of a screen printed shirt, we can help delivering the best quality of products with customer satisfaction. 


Private label printing is the ultimate way to promote your own brand on each garment. We remove the original tag from the manufacturer and screen print your band or brand’s logo or design in its place. With this stylish enhancement, you’ll look like you’re producing your own apparel! *Garment restrictions may apply.


For an additional touch of class we offer hangtag application. Send us any custom accent tags, and we’ll attach it to each garment with a plastic handing post. Just like that, your merchandise looks super professional!


Depending on the nature of your design we utilize the perfect screen printing technique to insure your prints speak out exactly as they should. We offer Standard Plastisol, Distressed Vintage, Four Color Process and Simulated Process printing methods at no additional fee.


Our Standard Plastisol Printing is achieved using traditional plastisol inks. Though this same type of ink has been used for decades, it’s technology and chemistry has came a long way. We use the best inks in the industry which are much safer for our team and better for our environment than those of the past. Our traditional inks have great durability and can still be manipulated to achieve a great feeling print. Standard plastisol inks are also used in many other print processes as well.


Who doesn’t have a favorite old shirt? We love that old school look and feel and can make your brand new shirts have that same nostalgic feeling as your favorite tee. To achieve a worn or washed look we use our Distressed Vintage Printing technique. This is by far our favorite technique due to it’s unique look and character.


Simulated Process Printing is a technique we use to create a full color design on a dark garment. The technique is achieved by using blends of high opacity inks to create a range of colors in your design. This technique is only possible due to the magic of our kick ass separation artist behind the scenes. If you are not sure what technique will be needed to complete your order just send it over and we’ll let you know!


Four Color Process Printing is a great way to replicate a photograph or other design that has a lot of vibrant colors. It is achieved using translucent Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black inks – just like an inkjet printer! By skillfully separating your art into halftones that blend together in different percentages we are able to print a full range of colors. Due to the translucent nature of process inks this application is only suitable for light colored shirts. i.e.. white/natural.