At Blacksheep we believe in simplifying processes to make sure time and money isn’t wasted on your apparel. This lead us to pair our printing services with in-house fulfillment services. We offer Online Store Fulfillment, Bulk Fulfillment/Drop Shipping, Online Presale Campaigns, Online Store Management and Online Store Design as well! We do not charge fulfillment by percentage of sales which in turn saves you big money. Our system is a simple pick-by-pick flat fee.


Our folding service is a required prerequisite for poly bagging. If you’re looking to have your apparel in a store it’s a great addition as well. By neatly folding your apparel we can fit many more garments per box that is shipped than a standard dozen fold.


At BlackSheep, we recognize that first impressions are everything. Polybagging your apparel creates a polished look that protects your precious cargo from potential hazards. Poly bagging is required for online fulfillment service.


Our Online Store Fulfillment service allows you to sell apparel to your customers / clients in real time without having to worry about keeping high stock levels. Instead of charging big percentage fee on your order like the other guys, we charge a small flat fee and save you money. Since our fulfillment service is located in the same facility your apparel is printed in, we are able to keep your store stocked at all times with no lag time! Our team picks and ships orders daily from our facility which allows prompt delivery.


An Online Presale or New Release Campaign is a great way to get your customers to engage with your online store while they anticipate your next big move. Customers love the excitement built by a well executed campaign, and we can help!