Our History



We founded Blacksheep Printing with one simple goal: to provide quality merchandise, and an experience like no one else. We understand your need for dependable service and high quality t-shirts and promotional items and we are here to make sure you receive the products you need to grow and take your business to a new level.



Blacksheep Printing was founded in Knoxville, Tennessee 2016. Our owners worked together throughout the years in different printing businesses in our hometown and always shared a common vision of what Blacksheep Printing would eventually become. The time they spent working throughout the printing industry gave them a unique perspective into the world of custom printed merchandise.



Blacksheep Printing is a company dedicated to LEAN manufacturing principles. We work with industry leading equipment that allows us to produce hundreds of thousands of units per year. We are not intimidated by any order, regardless of it’s volume. We offer minimums as low as 36 units per order which we feel is important for smaller brands that may just be getting their merch journey started. Our secondary services are all facilitated at our headquarters in Knoxville hand-in-hand with our daily printing operations. This allows us to maintain a low overhead and streamlined supply chain.